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One day, in Waco, Texas while riding  in the bed of a pickup truck to the cotton fields, James Johnson met Vennie Mae McCrimmon.  As time passed, they fell passionately in love. They both had big dreams. Unfortunately, their dreams were shattered when Vennie became pregnant and dropped out of high school. After James and Vennie married, they never stopped dreaming for a better life for their children and their community. Little did they know,  that their love story would impact generations to come.

Looking to make a difference in this world?


At  McCrimmon Johnson Academic Scholarship Fund, Inc., we believe that a little monetary contribution can go a really long way in improving the lives of others. By providing people in need with your generous support, you’ll transform their paths and steer them toward a better future. Founded in  April 2014, we have been committed to transforming the lives of people for many years.


Donate today, and see how you can make an impact!

Devin Thomas 2020



Words from Devin . . .

Growing up, I was often seen as the selfless and outgoing kid who loved to take initiative. I made sure tht my voice was heard in every organization in which I participated. Partaking in vital organizations has helped me grow as a person an connected me with many individuals around the community.

During my sophomore year of high school, I was elected as Representative of the Desoto High School Class of 2021. Being a current Student Council member, being responsible for planning class events, engaging in many community projects, and communicating with the school administration about new ideas are just a few of my responsibilities. My council  members and I have hosted many school events, such as student versus staff sports games and school parties, which help raise money for future trips and class merchandise.

I was named Captain of the U16 Solar Chelsea Soccer Team for the Fall 2017 season. Although I was pretty nervous and anxious about this role, I was confident that I could rise up to the occasion and lead my team to many victories. I was often called on my coaches to take on huge responsibilities and communication roles. As captain, I had to make sure my team was locked in and focused every game. I was responsible for communicating any important information to my teammates and ensure that there was positive team chemistry.

Due to the excellence I display in the organizations I engaged in, I believe I am well deserving of the scholarship. Not only does the scholarship help me pay for my undergraduate studies, it relieves the financial burden on my parents. I plan on participating in many different student advocacy organizations while I am furthering my education. Specifically, I want to continue my passion to fight for racial and gender equality in America. As a black LGBTQ+ student living in America, I envision myself starting different programs to promote inclusion within my community.



The End of Year Campaign promotes many friends and family to give a donation to the McCrimmon Johnson Scholarship.  This year is no different!

Join us in Giving Tuesday in December 1, 2021 and with giving a generous donation for the end of year.


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