About us

The McCrimmon Johnson Academic Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established April 22, 2014 as a non-profit corporation.The non-profit was established to financially help people reach their career goals. All people have a gift  that can make our community better. Whatever the gift may be, it is our desire to encourage and support the goals of the individual.


We want to encourage individuals to go beyond high school to attend  an accredited college or a vocational school of their choice. It is our goal to annually provide funds to individuals acquiring an associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate  or trade school certification. We envision instilling faith and perserverance as key attributes to obtaining  a career that will not only help the individual but provide a platform for that individual to help others as well.




During the McCrimmon Johnson Family Reunion, the family thinks of creative ways to raise scholarship funds. Dr. James Russell helps sale snow cones during the Juneteenth Parade 2015 in Waco, TX.


We must help our greatest commodity, our children, by investing in their future. There is no greater legacy than to support our children's dreams. Reach out and help us move forward.



Most of the proceeds for the McCrimmon Johnson Academic Scholarship Fund come from The McCrimmon Johnson Family and friends. 


Pictured at their  Reunion in Waco, Texas, family and friends  are encouraged to give to the McCrimmon Johnson Academic Scholarship Fund, Inc.